Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

Premium Ceramic Brake Pad


SDCX has several ceramic formulations for our brake pad, this premium ceramic is the best one.


It consists of high quality materials such as high quality aramid fiber, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber, brass fiber etcs to make sure that all materials occurs perfect chemical reactions.  After all of them are mixed and pressed strongly, they create a very good premium ceramic formulation.  This formulation has great advantages:


*Coefficient of friction up to over 0.4

*Rockwell Hardness to be 85-93

*Density is up to 2.5

*Cold compression is up to 0.60%

*Hot compression is up to 1.10%

*Powder Coating Thickness is up to 25

*Shear strength -under room temperature is up to 4.1


By these advantages, it is widely used in heavy cars like Audi, bmw, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover etc high end cars.


Because all the materials are premium and expensive, this quality is at higher price.  If your car is normal family car, it is not necessary to choose this quality.


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