Factory Tour

The most advanced positive mold pressing machines adoped theory of equal ratio to make sure the products are heated equally from all sides.  Friction materials are pressed more stable under same pressure.  It guarantees the friction block more durable, no defect, more closely connected with steel backing plates. Datas are confirmed by Laboratory.

From mixing merials, pressing, painting, grinding, baking,marking, packaging, we used the most advanced flow line production, make sure the production effeciency, assured the stable quality and fast delivery.

Our products are tested by Chase testing machine, Constant speed testerLink,tensil testing machine, Klaus testing machine, noise tester,Link testing machine etc to make sure all our products with high quality to make customers satisfied.

We have a wonderful team that all have richful experience on product, quality control, sales, management.  We supply 24 hours service. If you have any request about our company and product, you can contact us at any time!

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